COMMITTED TO educating, and facilitating the development of trauma informed leaders, peer support teams, chaplains, and mental health clinicians ONE PEER, ONE TEAM AND, ONE REGION AT A TIME .

" This unbroken three-strand cord is vital to the health and well-being of peers who serve from all walks of life. In a world where the pressure on first responders, medical professionals, and teachers, is higher than ever, the need for a lifeline of intentional strategic support from trained peers within each field, chaplains and clinicians is clear.


* Continue to provide pre-incident stress awareness classes that will raise awareness of the impact of stress on today's front line emergency care providers/pubic servants and their families. Provide information on Critical Incident Stress Mangement

* Development of peers, certified in CISM to helps others in their respective fields better manage the stress of their demanding jobs in an ever changing world.

* Development of certified chaplains and clinicians in CISM to provide intentional and strategic care and support to first responder, public servants, their families, and the organizations they serve.

* Development of an insured, type 1 regional CISM team of first responders/public servants, chaplains and mental health providers, providing 24/7 trauma informed, strategic support to all areas of Vermont. 

* Ongoing training and education offered by Chaplain William Elwell and Lori Gurney, Clinical Psychologist through our partnership with ICISF